Welcome Fellow Riders. Every day each person gets up to go to work and puts on a costume that will fulfill their image of their job. They will spend 8-12 hours a day fulfilling the demands of their job and get up the next day and do it all over again. Yet inside all of us lingers the littlest of things that truly define us. These little things are our hobbies, passions and lifestyles.

Loyal Biker was built to provide anything and everything that encompasses who and what bikers are all about. A one stop playground that will provide all the features that we riders use on a daily level. We will continue to provide to the Biker community an ever-growing number or programs, platforms and savings tailored to our lifestyle.

Loyal Biker is not about what you ride rather the fact that you ride period. There is no preference in favoritism from one make to the next. Rather we choose to focus on the fact that we as a community embody the spirit of riding on the open road and the generosity to give, help and embrace each other.

Through our Riders for Remembrance pages we want to honor and pay tribute to all the loved ones that have lost their lives doing what they loved. Riding.

By signing up to be part of our Patriot Rider program we will notifying you when an active military person loses their life in combat. We then will seek to crowdfund by obtaining a small donation from everyone so that we can offer to their spouse immediate financial support to help them through their darkest of days. This will be a 5013c and will be tax deductible for all donors. Veterans are heroes and I believe the Biker Community and family recognizes this more than anyone.

Our pledge is to give back to everyone. From our annual Bike Give A ways to being able to book your vacations for less than what you would pay through Priceline or Expedia. Our Mission is to Revitalize, Reward and Round up all Bikers and provide the most rewarding and user friendly experience.

With having been built in over 40 languages and countries we will soon be connecting Bikers from all over the world. We look forward to you joining and your valuable comments and suggestions. Thank you and be safe.

Welcome to the Ride